About us

Established in 2001 by Peter and Kerry Todd, and deriving from the forestry industry, PKengineering has evolved significantly into a well recognized and trusted group within the local and widespread community of Brightwater, New Zealand.

"We strive to produce quality engineering products, at an efficient and cost effective pace. With our workshop recently expanded, and another extension on the horizon, this indicates the volume of capability we have here at PKengineering". Peter Todd

Our vast range of services, and skill base has lead us to design outdoor artistic features, through to structural engineering, where we were recognized for our input in a local award winning home. We have highly qualified staff, who specialize in each sector, to guarantee we deliver a high standard every time.

We specialize in design and fabrication of fuel tanks, and related equipment for the fuel industry. Over the last twelve years we have designed unique tanks for our local fuel company. These now feature in many sights around the country. Please see our Projects and achievements page for an example of what we can do.

We have played quite a large part in the local transport engineering in the last five years. With the design and fabrication specializing in crane trucks and service vehicles, both for power companies and general carriers.